Saturday, November 20, 2010

Installing Crown Moldings

Installing Crown Moldings to any room will give it that elegant look, without the extra cost. If you are a DIY type of person, then you will find our polyurethane moldings easy to work with since they are already pre-primed, lightweight, and doesn’t crack or split like wood. Here are some tips on Installing Crown Moldings;
•Measure the area of the room where you want to install crown moldings. Add ten percent to your estimated as allowance for errors and damages.
•Choose the design and look of your project.
•Apply your desired finish before you start cutting and fitting.
•When you stain or paint the moldings, allow them to dry thoroughly before installing.
•Use a miter saw to achieve the best angle cuts on the moldings.
•Choose a well lit workstation and has access to power.
•Use a platform or scaffolding when installing crown moldings to avoid injury.


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  3. Use a miter saw to achieve the best angle cuts on the moldings.

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